Hello, my friend! I'm Lauren—
member of the Fearless photographers community and general life enthusiast.

Photography is only a small piece of the picture when you're working with me. It’s really about seeing that dream you’ve sacrificed hours of your limited time for, finally come to life.

That's why my images are crafted to represent your projects as they really are—your legacies.

I work in laid-back conditions with down-to-earth creative entrepreneurs and businesses so I can provide you with exceptional brand photography. I promise you it would not work out any other way.

For me, people and passion come first. This is not a superficial in-out experience like with doctors these days; I want to know who you are and why you're in this. Because I get excited over people getting excited over their work, and that's where all the good stuff happens.

Let's do this.

All good things,
Things I love:
Singing at open mics
Rock Climbing
Reading books and never finishing them​​​​​​​


Excited? Me, too.